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March 2019 Archives

Depression as a qualifying illness for SSD

According to the Disability Care Center, more than three million people receive a depression diagnosis each year, making it one the most commonly diagnosed disorders in Georgia and the United States. Depression takes many forms, including manic depression, dysthymia and major depressive disorder, all of which have both mental and physical symptoms. Mental symptoms may include gloominess, hopelessness and disinterest. Physical symptoms may include difficulty concentrating, decreased energy levels, loss of appetite and insomnia. Both physical and mental symptoms can make it difficult for an individual to do his or her job, which is why the Social Security Administration may extend benefits in more extreme cases.

Which benefits from the SSA are right for you?

Your family depends on you to support them, and you need income to pay for necessary things, including everything from daily requirements to medical bills. Finding yourself unable to work because of a medical condition is not only discouraging and frustrating – it is a threat to your financial stability and future well-being. In this situation, you may be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration.

The connection between an expunged conviction and empowerment

When people are convicted of crime in Georgia, they have the right to a fair trial. In every trial, the fate of alleged criminals if left in the hands of citizens who have an objective point of view to the case. While many are satisfied with the imprisonment of people who have broken the law, a handful of people argue that unnecessary focus on a person's convicted crimes can prevent them from living a quality life upon their release from behind bars. 

What to know about substantial gainful activity

The great benefit of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is that it helps disabled Georgia residents who cannot earn a substantial income due to their disability. However, some people who are disabled may still earn some working income, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) is careful about not letting your income level go too high if you are on disability. This is why you should know about what the SSA calls substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Brain damage resulting from slip and falls

Georgian residents expect to be kept safe to a reasonable degree when out and about. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. There are some instances where a poorly maintained location will have terrain that lends itself to slip-and-fall incidents. These incidents in turn can lead to brain damage, which can alter a person's quality of life.