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Brain damage resulting from slip and falls

Georgian residents expect to be kept safe to a reasonable degree when out and about. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are some instances where a poorly maintained location will have terrain that lends itself to slip-and-fall incidents. These incidents in turn can lead to brain damage, which can alter a person’s quality of life.

FindLaw first takes a look at different types of brain injuries that can occur due to a slip-and-fall. These are generally impact or penetration injuries. Concussions and contusions are both the result of impacts, which can happen if a person slips or trips and ends up hitting their head against the pavement. With both of these injuries, swelling and bleeding in the brain can occur. In the case of contusions, blood clots that may need to be removed surgically can form. Penetration injuries are rarer and may happen if someone slips and lands on an object that breaks through the skull and into the brain.

Mayo Clinic then discusses the impact these brain injuries can have on a person’s quality of life. These changes can be physical; for example, a person’s sense of smell, sight, hearing, or touch could change. However, many changes are emotional or mental. A person could have a harder time with both short and long term memory. They may have a harder time with certain mental tasks like math or the ability to learn new skills. Some experience shifts in behavior as well, becoming more snappish and irritable or prone to violence.

These changes can impact both the victim and their caretaker(s), making brain injuries one of the most potentially difficult parts of any slip-and-fall incident. The expenses related to making life adjustments for these injuries should also be kept in mind when seeking compensation.