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October 2018 Archives

Henry County freeway collision caused by wrong-way driver

Many in Rossville may believe that their driving skills will ensure their ability to avoid auto accidents. However, what people cannot account for on the road are the potential reckless and negligent actions of others. Those who choose to engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel may not only put themselves at risk, but also countless others. All too often, the degree of carelessness displayed by reckless drivers of results in catastrophic collision which produce damages and injuries that cannot be easily compensated for. 

If you lost a loved one, should you seek financial compensation?

The loss of a loved one can devastate your Georgia family. It can leave you facing financial losses and bills, in addition to your extensive emotional suffering. While there is nothing you can do to bring your loved one back, you may be able to take legal action on behalf of your loved one and your family.

Will you lose your house if you file for bankruptcy?

As a Georgia resident who is currently dealing with increasingly overwhelming debt, you may be thinking about whether filing for bankruptcy may give you the fresh financial start you need. You may, too, be wondering how doing so could potentially affect some of your most sizable assets, such as your home. Ultimately, whether you will lose your home when you file for bankruptcy depends on several factors, among them the type of bankruptcy protection you choose to pursue.

Admitting you need help caring for someone

We know that nobody wants to think of loved ones as a burden. Here at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we know that our clients' families are a source of joy and fulfillment, regardless of the level of challenge involved in caregiving. That is why we are always proud to help people navigate the complex and frustrating process of obtaining social security disability in Georgia.

Does workers' compensation cover pain and suffering?

When you get injured in Georgia and go to court, you often can collect damages for pain and suffering. If you get injured on the job, instead of going to court, you file a claim with workers' compensation. You may wonder if you are entitled to payment for pain and suffering under this system as you would be with a personal injury claim. The simple answer is no.