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July 2018 Archives

Defining the concept of discovery

Georgia workers seeking workers' compensation want their claims to be processed quickly, but sometimes an employer or an insurer will dispute the claim. Should a claim be turned down, the injured worker can seek recourse in a workers’ compensation trial. One of the initial steps to be taken before the trial is discovery, which helps set the stage for what will be debated at the trial.

Dispelling common bankruptcy myths

If you live in Georgia and feel as if your finances are spiraling out of control, you may be weighing your options and trying to determine whether bankruptcy may help you find the fresh start you need. While the process can sometimes prove complicated, the amount of misinformation out there surrounding the process can convolute matters even further, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction. At Harris and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we recognize that many misconceptions surround the bankruptcy process, and we have helped many people facing similar situations make educated decisions about their finances.

Are hands free cellphones really safe?

In Georgia and in many other states in the nation, it is illegal for you to use a hand-held cellphone while driving, according to the National Conference of State Legislators. As a result, you may turn to using hands free cellphones in an attempt to stay in compliance with the law. Although hands free cellphones are marketed as a safe alternative to hand-held devices, they may not be as safe to use as you might think.

Denied disability claim? You have the right to keep fighting.

Georgia readers know that suffering from a disabling injury or illness is a direct threat to the financial well-being of your family. When you lose your ability to earn a living and provide for your loved ones, it can be heartbreaking and frustrating. You could be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, but like many other applicants, you may quickly learn this process can be difficult.

Why social media can hurt you in court

Many people understand the right to remain silent when questioned by Georgia law enforcement. The problem is that when it comes to social media, we are often not silent at all about our personal lives. What people post about themselves, even if it is intended for a small circle of family and friends, can be uncovered by law enforcement and used against a person if that individual ends up charged with a crime.