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February 2019 Archives

When a driver is extremely tired

Many people experience fatigue on a daily basis, whether they have to deal with stress around the household or in the office. Some people, however, may become extremely tired on certain occasions for a variety of reasons. Moreover, driving while in this state can be very dangerous and may result in a motor vehicle collision which claims lives or causes those involved to suffer serious injuries. If you ever find yourself too tired to drive safely, it is important to stay off of the road until you have rested. Sadly, some drivers choose to ignore this advice.

How does medical debt impact credit rating?

Having any type of debt has some effect on your credit rating in Georgia. However, not all debt is created equal in the eyes of the credit bureaus. One type of debt that they may treat in a different way is medical debt. Due to the state of healthcare many people have medical debts on their credit records. It is not uncommon at all. It is also a special type of debt because it is much different than credit cards or loans. Typically, if you have medical debt, it is because you truly cannot afford to pay it.