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Why people choose bankruptcy to manage debt

Many people in Georgia are scared of bankruptcy. In fact, it could be a good financial decision in some cases. That is because there are some things bankruptcy could do that simple debt restructuring would probably not accomplish.

It is also important to note that, as explained on FindLaw, the process is not open to everyone. One must typically satisfy certain requirements regarding income and expenses. The court would also consider any other recent bankruptcy when determining eligibility.

What is a false confession?

If law enforcement in Georgia accuses you of a crime, you will usually be taken in for interrogation. During this process, law enforcement may use a variety of tactics to get you to confess. They brought you in because they have some suspicion you are guilty. They may or may not have evidence. They probably cannot prove at this point that you did do the crime, but they will say many things to get a confession because a confessions holds up well in court.

According to the Innocence Project, the biggest issue with this is that many of them are false confessions. There are documented cases where people have spent decades in prison because they falsely confessed to a crime. These innocent people had to prove they did not do the crime, which for many took years. For others, they still sit in prison, hoping to get the chance to prove their innocence.

Keeping outdoor workers safe during the winter months

Because it is in the South, Georgia enjoys warm temperatures for many months of the year. Because many outdoor workers deal with the heat regularly, they may be unprepared to work safely when temperatures drop. In the winter, Georgia does get quite cold, and it is important for employers to know how to keep all workers safe when they must be outdoors. 

You may be familiar with heat stress and other temperature-related conditions, but cold stress can be just as dangerous and damaging. In fact, workers who are unprepared and do not take certain precautions can suffer serious damage and physical duress. As an employee, you have the right to a reasonable expectation to safety while fulfilling your job duties.

Who does the SSA consider an acceptable medical source?

Presenting credible medical information that proves you are disabled can make the difference in gaining approval for Social Security Disability. One of the things you can expect the Social Security Administration (SSA) to look at are the qualifications of the Georgia medical professional who has diagnosed you. If your doctor does not possess the right credentials, your claim could be denied.

The SSA states that the documents a claimant provides are to come from “acceptable medical sources” as defined by federal regulation. As the SSA website explains, these sources can consist of a number of different professionals. As you might expect, licensed physicians are considered acceptable by the SSA, which may include medical (M.D.) or osteopathic (O.D.) doctors.

Determining if Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help your business

When the subject of bankruptcy and business comes up, frequently people discuss Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 as options for companies when they fall on hard financial times. If you own a Georgia business and are experiencing financial problems, you may wonder if Chapter 13 bankruptcy has anything to offer you. Whether you can file for Chapter 13 will depend on the type of business you have.

As explains, a major distinction between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 is that Chapter 13 is only meant for individuals. Many businesses, such as LLCs, are formed as entities that are separate from the people who own them so that the owners are not held personally liable for debts or lawsuits. This means that a business that is organized as its own entity apart from an individual person cannot benefit from Chapter 13 and must file bankruptcy under another chapter.

What is the purpose of workers' compensation?

Workers in Georgia have certain protections under the law. These protections allow you to seek compensation if you're ever injured on the job. Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., can explain the purpose and various benefits of workers' compensation in greater detail.

The primary purpose of workers' compensation is to make up for the money lost due to an incident at your workplace. Generally speaking, this means reimbursement for medical costs. For example, if you fall from scaffolding at a construction site, workers' compensation can help you pay for the ambulance and hospital visit. You will also likely have to miss work in order to recover, and compensation can help cover the lost wages during that time, too.

Man claims his mother's death was preventable

When people in Georiga lose a loved one, they often experience strong emotions as they grieve and learn to cope with an unexpected loss. However, this process becomes increasingly traumatic for people whose loved one passed away in conditions that were the result of another person's carelessness, recklessness or general disregard to another person's safety and comfort. 

A California man is suing the city of Long Beach, as well as the county of Los Angeles for allegations of wrongful death. The man compiled arguments to support his claims saying that his mother was not brought before a judge until five days after her arrest. At the time she was taken back to her holding cell, she was complaining of feeling unwell. Her symptoms included chills and nausea. He claims that the defendants withheld medical care from her as she suffered conditions related to drug withdrawals. 

The complexities of self-representation

The constitution of the state of Georgia explicitly allows participants in the court system to provide a defense to any charges for allegations. They could do this by representing themselves pro se or retaining counsel.

People facing criminal charges often choose to hire an attorney. There are various reasons for this, not the least of which is the complexity of court procedure. Those who choose to be their own lawyer bear the full responsibility for all actions and outcomes in their cases.

Preventable sepsis still too common in nursing homes

As your parent grows older, you may find yourself in the middle of a confusing role reversal where you have the concerns and responsibilities of a parent and your parent is vulnerable like a child. You may wonder whether your parent is eating enough, worry about the medications he or she is taking, and feel concern for your parent's overall health and wellbeing.

If your loved one is under the care of a Georgia nursing home staff, you may be even more concerned, especially if you have noticed signs of neglect when you visit your loved one. Since your parent's health may be quite delicate, he or she may be more vulnerable to infections that can lead to deadly septic conditions.

How do I find legitimate credit counseling?

If you are someone with deep debt issues, watch out. There are many parties out there who will claim to solve your financial issues with their credit counseling services. However, some counselors are not legitimate and may try to scam you. Anyone who is looking for a reputable Georgia credit counselor should be aware of what makes a credit counseling agency legit.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information website flags credit counselors who do not provide free information about their organizations as potential problems. A legitimate counseling agency would inform you about the services it offers without requiring you to pay anything for it. If you have to pay to find out what the agency does, you would be better off going elsewhere.