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What benefits will I get under workers' compensation?

If you need to file for workers' compensation in Georgia, then you probably want to know what benefits you could receive. There are several different categories of benefits you may receive including payment for medical treatment and lost wages. 

According to the State Board of Workers' Compensation, you can get payment for lost wages if you miss more than seven days of work due to your work injury. You are not paid for your first week off work unless you miss more than 21 days. All days missed must be consecutive to qualify. You can get benefits for up to 400 weeks. If you can go back to work but must work a lower paying job due to the injury, you may get a reduced amount of pay for up to 350 weeks.

What are SSDI family benefits?

If you get disability benefits from Social Security in Georgia, then your family may also be able to get benefits. This is something you may not have known about but should get more information on so you can ensure you are getting the maximum benefits for your family. 

According to the Social Security Administration, your children, spouse and even a former spouse may be able to collect benefits, too. Your children may get benefits if they have a disability that started before age 22, are a minor or are 18 to 19 and a full-time student. 

Car accidents happen in an instant; compensation -- not so much

You were in your car doing what you normally do -- going to work, taking your children to school, running errands -- just going about your day. In what seemed like an instant, you went from being fine to seriously hurt. Another driver hit your car, and there was nothing you could do about it.

Georgia residents who suffer injuries in car accidents may have the right to pursue compensation for their losses. It all comes down to the details of the event and if negligence contributed to it.

Car accidents are on the rise in Georgia

It is no secret that driving is the most dangerous form of travel over other options, such as travel by rail or air. This is especially true in Georgia where accident rates have been on an upward climb for some time. According to WMAZ, four people died each day from 2014-2016 in car accidents. That was a 33 percent rise in fatalities over previous years. 

The state is above the average for the nation, which is concerning for officials. One likely cause is more people are driving while distracted. Whether it is cell phones or other things keeping people from paying attention behind the wheel, not paying attention when driving has been an increasing issue on the roadways.

How do I know when to file for bankruptcy?

If you suddenly find yourself out of a job or with less income in the Rossville area, you might panic when you realize your debts are piling up. You may have also fallen behind on your mortgage and car note. Though you are working hard to keep up with the minimum payments, you need to know when it is time to throw in the towel and consider bankruptcy. 

Late payments carry additional fees that can dig you into a deeper hole. If you cannot see yourself paying off your debts in a five-year period, it is time for you to examine your options. Though bankruptcy is probably the last route you want to take, it can help give you a chance to start over and regain financial stability. 

When may juveniles be tried as an adult?

You may have heard many news stories about children who have been charged with crimes. Typically, when a minor commits a crime, he or she is charged as a juvenile. The juvenile court has some different rules and punishments than adult court. In some Georgia cases, though, a child may be charged as an adult.

The National Juvenile Defender Center notes that generally anyone who is under the age of 17 is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and will be charged as such. There is no minimum age for this court. A juvenile court may maintain jurisdiction over a person until the age of 21 for ongoing cases and punishments. However, to be initiated in juvenile court, the offense has to be committed before the person turns 17. 

How to file for workers' compensation in Georgia

Workers' compensation is an insurance program that employers are required by the state of Georgia to participate in. This program provides workers with medical and lost wage coverage if they are injured on the job. However, workers must properly report an injury or they could be denied coverage. notes waiting to file a workers' compensation claim could cause a worker to be denied any benefits. Injuries should be reported as soon as they occur to a supervisor. Some injuries are eligible for benefits up to 400 weeks. Typically, if a person is out of work for at least seven days, he or she can get benefits equal to two-thirds of the regular pay or up to $575 each week. To get any benefits, though, a person must file a Form WC-14.

What mistakes should I avoid when applying for SSDI?

If you have a disability due to a work accident or some other reason in the Rossville area, you might be thinking about filing for social security disability benefits. The application process for SSDI is not an easy one. Approval is not guaranteed, and there is the possibility of your claim being denied. According to The Motley Fool, one-third of SSDI claims filed in 2017 were denied. 

There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration denies SSDI applications. Not all of them are due to ineligibility. To reduce the chances of your claim being delayed or denied, consider the following mistakes to avoid with your application. 

Can I claim SSDI for emotional for depression?

If you suffer from severe depression, anxiety or some other debilitating mental illness, you might qualify for social security disability benefits. Depression and anxiety are conditions that range in severity and can have a drastic effect on individuals in Rossville who suffer from them. 

Before you apply for disability benefits, there are some things you need to understand about the process first. Social security disability claims involving depression and anxiety are often difficult to get approved. To prevent issues with your claim, consider the following information about the qualification process. 

Claiming disability benefits with fibromyalgia

You may already know how difficult it is to get approval for Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration denies more first-time applications than it accepts, and the more complicated or difficult your condition may be for a doctor to diagnose, the more likely you are to face a frustrating appeals process.

With a condition like fibromyalgia, you may feel as though the odds are stacked against you. Not only is FM an invisible disease, its symptoms are often inconsistent. Furthermore, FM is self-reporting, meaning there is no test that can definitively identify the condition. The SSA is understandably suspicious of self-reported diseases. With these factors working against you, you may benefit from as much assistance and advocacy as you can find.