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Factors affecting the length of your personal injury case

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you are suing over a personal injury, you want a conclusion to your litigation as fast as possible. Bills are likely piling up, and money is necessary to take care of mounting debts.

Several variables could be slowing down your case. Understanding what they are can help you remain patient.

Legal complications

To win in court, it must be clear that the individual you are suing is liable for your injuries. Those without proof are unlikely to convince others that compensation is justifiable. Investigators need time to gather evidence. Without it, one cannot show the defendant bears responsibility for a preventable injury.

There could also be a question about who is at fault. Expect the amount you stand to receive to be lower if you are guilty of contributing to your situation.

Claim sizes

Legal matters worth more money receive greater attention. If the harm is severe, defendants will be more willing to do battle or drag out the process. The individual you are holding responsible might not be able to provide compensation. In such instances, accepting an out-of-court settlement may be wise.

Medical obligations

One or more surgeries could be on the horizon. You want the final dollar amount before heading to trial. Your reward needs to account for the total cost of rehabilitation. Once your lawsuit ends, there is no opportunity to return and ask for more.

Many factors slow down the progress of a personal injury lawsuit. Awareness of these issues creates peace of mind when fretting over the pace of headway.