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Denied disability claim? You have the right to keep fighting.

Georgia readers know that suffering from a disabling injury or illness is a direct threat to the financial well-being of your family. When you lose your ability to earn a living and provide for your loved ones, it can be heartbreaking and frustrating. You could be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, but like many other applicants, you may quickly learn this process can be difficult.

Many first-time applications for disability benefits come back denied. This may feel like a step back, and it is normal to feel disheartened over this, but there are still options available to you. You have the right to continue your fight for benefits and pursue the financial support you deserve. 

Why did your claim come back denied? 

There are many reasons why disability claims come back denied. The SSA holds a strict definition of disability, and even slight errors with the application can result in a denial. Some of the most common reasons for denied disability claims include the following:

  • There is no evidence that the disability will last for a period of at least 12 months.
  • The applicant did not prove he or she is unable to do regular work because of the injury or medical condition.
  • There was a lack of medical evidence included in the application.
  • The applicant was not able to prove he or she cooperated with the prescribed medical treatment.

Additionally, the SSA will likely not approve your claim if you either return to the same job or find another job while the application is still pending. They will also not approve claims for injuries that may be related to alcohol or drug use.

After a denied claim, you will have the option to continue your fight for benefits. You can appeal the decision or request a reconsideration of your claim. With additional evidence and assistance, you may be able to obtain the financial support you need.

Start the process right

Many denied claims are the result of poorly or inadequately prepared applications. By seeking help from the very beginning of the claims process, you can have a better chance of securing the financial support you need in a timely manner.

When you are suffering from a disabling condition or dealing with the implications of a denied disability claim, you do not have to face it alone. It can be helpful for you to start with a complete evaluation of your case.