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Individuals suffering from a physical, mental or emotional disability often find themselves suffering financially as well. The employment opportunities for the disabled are often limited. Due to their disability, they often pay more for medical care and services than other individuals. But though their finances are limited, they still have the same obligations to pay their expenses as everyone else.

The Rossville Social Security Disability attorneys at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., have long provided services for those most in need. Our law firm does what it can to give back to our community. We make ourselves available, pay close attention to every detail of your situation and work toward obtaining for you the financial assistance you require.

What Is Social Security Disability Income?

There are two processes for disabled individuals to recover Social Security Disability benefit. The federal government offers Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for disabled individuals who have contributed to the Social Security system. Also, the federal government offers Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for low-income individuals over the age of 65 or who are blind or disabled.

However, the process for receiving either SSDI or SSI is complex, and many applications for these benefits are denied. Before granting any benefits, the Social Security Administration requires submission of a great deal of information.

As lawyers who have helped so many applicants receive these benefits, we understand the process and the best manner to have an application approved. We’ve helped Rossville and Fort Oglethorpe residents organize medical information when putting together an application for benefits. Our lawyers know the doctors throughout the Northwest Georgia area who can provide a definitive diagnosis of your condition. We’ve represented individuals dealing with physical issues and mental health issues such as depression and schizophrenia, and people who suffer from cognitive impairment.

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Our attorneys make themselves available for you from that first consultation until any final ruling. They will help you out through the entire process.

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