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Does workers’ compensation cover pain and suffering?

When you get injured in Georgia and go to court, you often can collect damages for pain and suffering. If you get injured on the job, instead of going to court, you file a claim with workers’ compensation. You may wonder if you are entitled to payment for pain and suffering under this system as you would be with a personal injury claim. The simple answer is no.

According to, the goal of workers’ compensation is to help you get back to work. You can get payment for medical expenses related to the injury, and you may also qualify to get benefits to cover the loss of income for when you are unable to work. However, pain and suffering are not a benefit under this insurance coverage.

Medical expenses can include any immediate care you received, along with any ongoing care you need. Wage payments are paid out at percentage of your actual average wages at the time of the accident. You may also be able to get reimbursed for mileage for traveling to medical appointments.

Workers’ compensation coverage is available from the first day you begin working for a covered employer. The main goal, however, remains to be getting you back to work. Even if you cannot return to the exact job you had prior to the accident, you still must try to find and accept work once you have been medically cleared to do so. This information is for education only and is intended to be legal advice.