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Do you know the factors that could impact BAC levels?

Many Georgia residents find it enjoyable to go out and have drinks with friends or have a party with alcoholic beverage options. Because most people have different drink preferences, having options is often appreciated. Of course, you undoubtedly know that consuming too much alcohol can sometimes result in unfortunate consequences, such as getting sick or having a hangover the next day.

When it comes to consequences, if you choose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, you could potentially be at risk of getting stopped for drunk driving. Even though you may feel fine, if your blood alcohol level reaches or exceeds the .08 percent legal limit, an officer could take you into custody for driving under the influence. How can you work to keep your level below this limit?

Rate of consumption

It may seem like an obvious fact, but consuming more drinks in a short amount of time results in reaching a higher blood alcohol concentration level more quickly. For most people, drinking one alcoholic beverage an hour will not result in a .08 percent BAC level. However, you may want to remember that the type of beverage you consume could impact your BAC level differently.

Factors that impact BAC

In addition to the type of beverage consumed and the rate of consumption, many other factors could also have effects on how quickly your BAC level rises. Some of those details include:

  • Your age
  • Alcohol tolerance level
  • Body type
  • Gender
  • Emotions at the time of consumption
  • Medication
  • Metabolism
  • Personal health
  • Drink carbonation

Because there are numerous factors that could impact your BAC level, you may not want to solely rely on trying to guess whether you are within the legal limits. Instead, you should find a safe alternative to get home rather than getting behind the wheel yourself. Additionally, even if your BAC level does not reach the legal limit, you could still face charges if you show signs of impairment while behind the wheel.

Defending against charges

In the event that an officer does stop your vehicle and charges you with DUI, you have the ability to create and present a defense against those allegations. Information on possible strategies for this legal route may help you determine your best course of action. Utilizing local legal resources may help you ensure that you obtain reliable and applicable information relating to your specific set of circumstances.