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A conviction for DUI/DWI in Georgia often leads to large fines, extensive jail time and driver’s license suspension. The cost to one’s reputation may be even greater. By not appreciating the possible consequences, the largest mistake individuals arrested for a suspected DUI/DWI make is to not immediately call an attorney.

Time Is Of The Essence When Facing A DUI/DWI Arrest

When pulled over for alleged drinking and driving, you may next find yourself in jail. During an arrest, arresting officers will ask you a number of questions. Prosecutors will use any admission you give to officers against you in court. Officers possibly will ask that you submit to a breath or blood test. Any blood alcohol reading above .08 allows for police officers to arrest you for DUI. (Commercial drivers and individuals under the age of 21 face DUI/DWI charges at lower readings.) And even when registering lower blood alcohol reading, you may still face charges if it is felt that the influence of alcohol is affecting your driving.

Those arrested for a DUI only have an extremely short time period to prevent their driver’s license from being suspended. You will need to file an administrative appeal within days of the arrest to prevent a one-year license suspension.

By contacting our law firm immediately following an arrest, you’re providing us the opportunity to explain your options before any officers have an opportunity of gathering incriminating evidence. We help you understand your rights under such circumstances, and guide you through the entire process. Our firm also files a timely appeal to possibly stop a license suspension. It is our job to look out for all of your needs.

Contacting Our Law Firm

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