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While these accidents are common, slip-and-fall accidents often result in serious injuries. Injuries range from bruises to broken bones, concussions, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries and even paralysis. Slip-and-fall accidents are a particular danger for elderly people. A broken hip for an elderly person is devastating.

Our lawyers at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., have experience trying premises liability and personal injury cases and holding property owners and their insurers accountable. We’ve been doing this since 1972. We understand Georgia’s courts and what is required in proving claims.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Every property owner has a duty to keep his or her premises safe for anyone legally on his or her property. This includes keeping it safe for both the young and the old. When a property owner ignores a slippery surface or other potentially dangerous condition, he or she may face liability.

Recovering compensation for a slip-and-fall accident is seldom easy, however. Recovery requires more than simply demonstrating an accident occurred. It means understanding the law and proving that the slip-and-fall accident was the fault of the property owner.

Our attorneys know doctors in the area as well as experts who can testify on your behalf. They know how to investigate such matters, negotiate for the best possible settlement and, if necessary, try your case in court.

Claims Against Insurance Companies

Property insurance policies often contain provisions for compensating individuals injured on someone else’s premises. Unfortunately, it’s difficult knowing which policies are applicable, or what the language in the policy covers.

The attorneys at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., know what to look for when these accidents occur. Having dealt with insurance companies so many times in the past, they know how to read the policy language and make claims against insurance companies.

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