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Protect Your Claim After A Workplace Accident

After you’ve been hurt at work, it can be overwhelming to navigate Georgia’s workers’ compensation system by yourself. Mistakes can happen if you aren’t familiar with the benefits filing process, which can delay or even prevent you from receiving the settlement you deserve.

Since 1972, Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C. has helped injured workers obtain full and fair benefits. Although we’ve represented countless clients throughout northwest Georgia, we never forget what is at stake when we assist our clients with their legal concerns.

In order to help you protect your claim, we are providing a list of workers’ compensation do’s and don’ts.

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Keep These Do’s And Don’ts In Mind

After an accident, do:

  • Report your accident to your supervisor so that your employer can contact their insurance provider about the incident.
  • File your claim promptly. In Georgia, injured workers have a defined timeframe to file their benefits. In many cases, workers need to file within a month of the accident. Waiting longer could jeopardize your benefits.
  • Make all your doctor’s appointments, and document the steps you take to follow your doctor’s orders. If you do not see a doctor about your injury, it will be difficult to establish that you have suffered serious injuries.

After an accident, do not:

  • Tell everyone at work that you are fine when you are not. You undermine your claim when you downplay the extent of your injuries. Be honest and consistent with the statements that you share with your coworkers or supervisors. Don’t let inconsistent comments give the insurance company a reason to reject your claim.
  • Work beyond your stated limitations. If your doctor has set limitations on the types of tasks you’re allowed to complete, respect these instructions. Ignoring doctor’s orders could cause you to worsen your injury or hurt your claim.
  • Miss doctors’ appointments or work without a medical excuse. Insurance companies will investigate all aspects of your claim, looking for any reason to deny your claim. It is critical that you attend all medical appointments and continue to report to work if you are able.

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