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Admitting you need help caring for someone

We know that nobody wants to think of loved ones as a burden. Here at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we know that our clients' families are a source of joy and fulfillment, regardless of the level of challenge involved in caregiving. That is why we are always proud to help people navigate the complex and frustrating process of obtaining social security disability in Georgia.

Can you get benefits if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol?

It is a common myth that Social Security pays benefits to those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs on the simple basis that they are addicted. You may have heard people in Georgia or on social media complaining about people being able to get benefits just because they have an addiction. However, this is not true. The Social Security Administration explains that you cannot get benefits just because you have an alcohol or drug addiction. You actually must meet specific criteria to qualify to get benefits.

How are the types of social security benefits different?

There are many different groups of people who collect social security benefits in Georgia. This program is designed to help all workers and their families. Social Security for disability is just one type. When applying for benefits, you need to understand which type you should apply for or it could affect your ability to get your application approved.

How do I convince the SSA that I am disabled?

A major step for Georgia residents in applying for Social Security disability benefits is convincing the Social Security Adminstration (SSA) that they are disabled. However, sometimes the SSA will not be immediately convinced by the medical records that you send them. In this case, the SSA may request additional examinations to establish your disability.

How do I qualify for SSDI?

When you have a medical condition that makes it unable for you to work in Georgia, you may be able to collect Social Security disability benefits. As you may have heard, getting SSDI payments is not an easy process. The Social Security Administration has very strict rules about who can qualify for these benefits. 

Can I receive Social Security disability for being depressed?

It is commonly understood that mental or physical handicaps can prevent people from keeping up a regular job. However, some Georgia residents may wonder if Social Security grants disability benefits for people suffering from depression. When we think of clinical depression, it goes beyond a simple feeling of sadness or melancholy to something that can damage a person's quality of life. The Social Security website describes specifically how far depression should go for someone to qualify for disability benefits.

What mistakes should I avoid when applying for SSDI?

If you have a disability due to a work accident or some other reason in the Rossville area, you might be thinking about filing for social security disability benefits. The application process for SSDI is not an easy one. Approval is not guaranteed, and there is the possibility of your claim being denied. According to The Motley Fool, one-third of SSDI claims filed in 2017 were denied. 

Can I claim SSDI for emotional for depression?

If you suffer from severe depression, anxiety or some other debilitating mental illness, you might qualify for social security disability benefits. Depression and anxiety are conditions that range in severity and can have a drastic effect on individuals in Rossville who suffer from them. 

Why are SSDI hearing wait times so long?

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits in Georgia, then you may understand how complex and time consuming the process can be. When you apply, your case may not be approved, so it will go to a hearing where you get a final ruling on whether you get benefits or not. The problem with this, according to Marketplace, is the wait times on SSDI hearings are astronomical.