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An insurance adjuster has made me an offer. I am not done treating my injury yet. Should I take it?

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Do not accept the insurance company’s offer!

Your insurance company will most likely try and settle the case quickly and cheaply. Settling quickly is a common practice for insurance companies because it saves the insurance company money! Often, an offer is made even before an injury is diagnosed! How can medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages be assessed if the injury has yet to be diagnosed? Is the injury going to be a burden for weeks, months, or even years? If an injured person accepts a low offer early, the insurance company cuts off their liability for future medical bills, future lost wages, future pain and suffering, and future damages. A quick settlement provides a major financial windfall for the insurance company!

The insurance company knows you do not know what your case is worth. Therefore, the insurance company’s adjuster can take advantage of you! If the insurance company can entice you to settle quickly, they cut off your ability to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney that has a better understanding of the value of your case.

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