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The Penalties for a First Time DUI Offense in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Firm News

Don't drink and drive

Driving under the influence (DUI), is the act of driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol, drugs, or both, resulting in impairment. In Georgia, you may be charged in two ways: “DUI-less-safe,” also called “impairment DUI,” and DUI “per se.” An officer can charge you with “DUI-less-safe” no matter what your blood alcohol concentration is, but if it 0.08% or more, you will most likely be charged with DUI “per se.”

When someone has a first DUI in Georgia, they face the following potential penalties:

  • 12 months of probation
    • If your BAC was .08% or more, the law requires you to serve at least 12 months in jail. With a first DUI, you will likely spend most of that time on probation. While on probation, you will be assigned a probation officer who will monitor you to make sure you are completing all the required terms of your sentence.
  • A minimum fine of $300 plus court costs and surcharges
    • Being charged with a DUI can be expensive. Along with surcharges, you will also be charged with the costs of attending the DUI Risk Reduction School.
  • At least 40 hours of community service
  • Substance abuse counseling
    • You will be clinically evaluated by a professional to determine your alcohol dependency and then assigned counseling as deemed appropriate.
  • Attendance of the DUI Risk Reduction School (commonly referred to as DUI School)
  • Attendance of a Madd Mothers Victim Impact Panel
  • Drivers License Suspension, with a limited permit to drive
    • For a first DUI offense, your license will be suspended for 12 months. You might be eligible for a limited permit to drive to and from work and school and other permissible places. If your DUI is not related to drug use, you can request early reinstatement after 120 days by sending DDS your certificate of completion of the DUI School and a reinstatement fee.

It is a good idea to contact an attorney!

If you fail to complete any part of your sentence, you can face more severe consequences. Make sure you understand the charges and penalties you are facing by contacting an experienced attorney immediately after being arrested. Call Harriss & Hartman now for a free consultation with an experienced attorney (706-861-0203)! We have years of knowledge dealing with DUI charges in the state of Georgia.