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Does getting an attorney involved mean I’m suing my employer?

Filing a Georgia workers’ compensation claim isn’t always easy. There could be all kinds of issues that arise during the process that can make it very hard to manage everything on your own, especially if the issue involves your employer.

From your employer contesting your claim about the workplace incident that left you hurt to difficulty securing approval for the best treatment options for your condition or problems with accommodations that would allow you to return to work, there can be many problems that affect your claim and force you into difficult negotiations with your employer.

Attempting to handle workers’ compensation negotiations with your employer while also working toward your own recovery can be difficult. Although many people think that retaining an attorney indicates an intention to sue, what it really means is that you are serious about getting your benefits and that your claim won’t simply stall out because of red tape or paperwork.

Lawyers can help by negotiating, not just by litigating

Having a lawyer is important if you do go to court, but their advice and skills could help you avoid that outcome. One of the most critical services that a lawyer provides to their clients is help with negotiations.

Advocating for yourself can be difficult in even the best situation. Workers’ compensation negotiations typically involve your employer, who has power over you and who likely has substantial resources. Big local employers like General Electric, Corporate Mills or Vanguard Warehouse may have their own lawyer or even a team of lawyers working for them.

Showing up to negotiations with your own representation makes it clear that you intend to secure a positive outcome and understand how important these benefits are to you. It also means that you won’t have to endure the stress of trying to manage negotiations on your own behalf.

Your attorney can help you avoid common negotiation pitfalls

From opening with your most desired outcome, which leaves little room for compromise, to accepting an initial settlement offer without evaluating it, there are many mistakes that people can make when in meetings with their employer regarding a workers’ compensation claim.

Having a lawyer in your corner means getting advice on important decisions and having someone pushing for your best interests. That kind of help can prove invaluable when you’re trying to negotiate terms that can impact your financial solvency and career.