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Nursing home sued over resident’s wrongful death

Georgia law defines wrongful death as being the death of a person caused the criminal, intentional, reckless or negligent actions of another. In this context, “another” may simply mean another person, or it could mean a business or entity. Oftentimes, the negligent actions of a business may cause harm to others in indirect ways. Yet when a company is charged with caring for individuals, it may be hard to argue that the death of one under their care could not be due to anything but direct action or neglect. 

The latter is what is being alleged in a case against a South Carolina nursing home following the death of one of its residents. This is not the first time this particular facility has faced scrutiny; records show it being cited more than any other nursing home in its local area. In a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the wake of the death of the aforementioned patient, details allege that the woman had died from dehydration and malnutrition. The testimony of an external clinician revealed that the woman did present a falls risk, yet the staff of the nursing facility had failed to property implement safety measures to protect her. Indeed, in the days immediately prior to her death, she was found on the floor of her room with a cut on her face. 

In scenarios such as this where there is a professional expectation to provide, a failure to deliver on that expectation might certainly be viewed as negligence and neglect. Such elements may give the families of victims of such abuse sufficient grounds to initiate action against alleged offenders. The likelihood of finding success with such action may greatly increase if one has the services of an experienced attorney to rely on.