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What is GMP?

When a manufacturer makes a product in Georgia, you have the right to expect it is safe. One way that manufacturers ensure they produce safe products is by following GMP. You may wonder what this acronym stands for even if you have seen it before. According to ISPE, this acronym stands for Good Manufacturing Practice.

GMP is a set of universally accepted rules that dictate safety and practices of various products, such as pharmaceuticals. They are the same from company to company. The idea is to help create consistent products. These practices also assist with quality control. In addition, they make it easier to minimize risks and errors in the production process.

GMP covers all stages of production. These rules mandate documentation at every stage to ensure each step is done the exact same way every time. This helps with operations when a new employee comes on the job. He or she can more easily follow the steps in the process and know exactly what to do. Everyone is on the same page. There is less room for mistakes that could impact the final product.

Having standard practices in manufacturing is a good thing for everyone. It helps companies streamline production of goods. It is one way that manufacturers can ensure fewer problems with their products and provide the public with the best products possible. It helps employees have an easier time ensuring they do their jobs correctly. Finally, it helps consumers by making products safer and reducing issues introduced in the manufacturing process. This information is for education and is not legal advice.