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Man claims his mother’s death was preventable

When people in Georiga lose a loved one, they often experience strong emotions as they grieve and learn to cope with an unexpected loss. However, this process becomes increasingly traumatic for people whose loved one passed away in conditions that were the result of another person’s carelessness, recklessness or general disregard to another person’s safety and comfort. 

A California man is suing the city of Long Beach, as well as the county of Los Angeles for allegations of wrongful death. The man compiled arguments to support his claims saying that his mother was not brought before a judge until five days after her arrest. At the time she was taken back to her holding cell, she was complaining of feeling unwell. Her symptoms included chills and nausea. He claims that the defendants withheld medical care from her as she suffered conditions related to drug withdrawals. 

After several hours, the woman died inside of her cell, a death her son claims was utterly preventable with timely and compassionate medical care. He said that although officials were aware that his mother had been using drugs and could have been suffering from withdrawals, they ignored her needs which ultimately resulted in her death. 

If people are upset about the wrongful death of their loved one and determined to get justice for their family member, an attorney may be able to help. Legal professionals can help their clients to compile factual evidence that can be used to support their claims.  

Source:, “Man Sues Over Mom’s Death in While in Custody,” Dec. 3, 2018