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Can you get compensation for your accident?

Georgian residents like you can run into trouble at work no matter what your job is or what you’re doing. To prepare for these incidents, most workplaces have workers’ compensation policies or insurance. But are there any situations that these things don’t cover?

As FindLaw shows us, there are in fact several situations in which workers’ compensation does not apply. The breadth of area that workers’ compensation is meant to cover is – fortunately for most workers – actually quite vast and varied. However, there are still moments in which an incident may not be covered.

The first area relates to how an injury occurs. States may order drug or alcohol testing to be done after an accident. If it’s shown that you were under the influence, you may not receive any compensation. The same thing can happen if it’s shown that you were injured while breaking either a state or federal law, or violating company policy in some way.

Location also matters. You must be on the job when the incident occurs. This means that as long as you are on the clock, you don’t necessarily have to be in your main office. For example, a delivery driver getting hit during their hours while on the road may still get compensation. On the flip side, this can mean that someone who has recently clocked out and gets injured on their way out the door may not be eligible.

In the end, due to the complexity of seeking workers’ compensation, it can help to have the expertise of an attorney of your side.