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How do I keep my kids safe when walking to school?

It is big responsibility for a child to walk to and from school every day in Georgia. When your child gets to the age where you feel he or she can do it alone, you may still have worries about safety. There are some things you can do to prepare your child and to ensure he or she is ready for such a big step.

To begin with, explains that children younger than the age of 10 often are not mature enough to walk alone to school because of impulse control issues and the inability to understand the dangers that exist. Young kids may not know how to judge how fast a vehicle is going in order to cross the street safely. They may not understand how crossings work and when they need to watch for traffic. So, make sure your child understands the basic concepts of waiting to cross and how to cross at stoplights.

You also can prepare your child by walking with him or her. Explain the route and make sure he or she knows where to walk and to use sidewalks when they are available. Teach the basics of looking both ways and using crosswalks.

It is also a good idea to make sure your child always has a buddy to walk with. You might want to talk to other parents in your neighborhood and get a group of kids to walk together. There is safety in numbers. This information is for education and is not legal advice.