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Are you susceptible to respiratory illnesses due to your work?

Georgia workers are likely aware that if they experience injuries in the workplace, they could be eligible for benefits through workers’ compensation. This insurance is for the care and support of individuals who suffer injuries in work-related accidents, but it can also be for those who become ill as a result of their work environments. If you became sick because of your job, you could have a rightful claim.

There are various different types of occupational illnesses, but some of the most common are those related to respiratory illnesses. If you have a diagnosis of a respiratory illness that is directly related to the conditions of where you work or the requirements of your job, you could seek benefits. You may also file a workers’ compensation claim if your job exacerbated an existing respiratory condition.

What is making you sick? 

Occupational illnesses develop over time after continual exposure to things such as harmful chemicals, dangerous toxins and other hazards. Respiratory occupational illnesses often develop when workers breathe in dangerous biological toxins. Some common types of respiratory conditions you could get because of your job include:

  • Asthma
  • Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Chronic pulmonary diseases
  • Injuries related to toxic inhalation
  • Cancer

Respiratory dangers to workers can come in many forms. Chemicals, dust, fumes, gases and more are just some of the ways your job could make you sick. In some cases, particularly dangerous hazards, such as exposure to asbestos particles that a worker can breathe in, can lead to grave or fatal types of cancer.

You have the right to seek full benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. This can include recompense of your medical expenses, continued health care needs and even coverage of your lost wages from work. In some cases, you could get support if your illness is chronic and prevents you from returning to the same job you had before you became will.

Protecting your rights as a sick worker

As a sick worker, you understand the importance of getting the full amount of benefits you need and deserve. You do not have to walk through the claims process alone, but you can seek support from the very beginning of your application to fight back against setbacks or complications.

Occupational illnesses are valid grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. If you think this is an option for you, it can be helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your case.