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You do not need to be embarrassed about filing for bankruptcy

There are a number of emotions that you and other Georgia residents may experience in the period leading up to your decision to file for personal bankruptcy – despair, uncertainty and shame may be among them. You might also feel a sense of hope that your financial troubles are about to end. However, at the Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we have found that most people who file for bankruptcy have negative feelings about the event. They might feel ashamed or guilty that they are taking this route to get out of debt.

The Balance explains that many people still associate a stigma with filing for bankruptcy, although bankruptcy is more common and accepted today that it was in times past. In fact, about one out of every 10 people in the U.S. will file for bankruptcy during their lifetime. Many lenders understand this and might be accommodating in extending credit soon after your bankruptcy discharge.

You might be worried that your friends or family could discover that you filed for bankruptcy, and embarrassed if they do. Like others, you could fear that your bankruptcy might harm your job prospects if you are seeking employment or be held against you if your employer finds out. Fortunately, these fears are often unfounded. Many people, ranging from associates, friends and bosses, understand that financial difficulties are not uncommon, and that bankruptcy is often the most effective way to get back on your feet. Some may also share with you that bankruptcy helped them in the past.

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