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How does the FDA keep us safe?

The government has many regulations on industries that supply products to consumers. These regulations are important to keeping you and your family safe. While Georgia has agencies that provide consumer protection, the federal agencies are those you probably have heard of the most. One such agency is the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, which is the agency responsible for monitoring and managing the safety of food products

The FDA conducts inspections and set regulations for companies that create food products. It also monitors drugs and other related products, such as cosmetics and tobacco. The FDA sets guidelines and health standards that product manufacturers must meet. 

The FDA is also responsible for ensuring products are properly labeled. It is the FDA that says what must go on labels, including how ingredients must be listed and whether certain products can be labeled in certain ways, such as fat-free or low calorie. The FDA ensures all ingredients meet safety standards, as well. 

This agency also monitors the industry, which includes development and research. It helps to create new products or processes that help to make our lives easier and healthier. It tests products and also handles issues that consumers report about products.

The FDA works to help ensure safety through monitoring the safe manufacturing of the items it regulates. It works to develop sanitation requirements and regulating products to ensure they are safely used. 

The main goal of this agency is to protect you from consuming or using products that could cause serious health issues. It is designed to oversee the different industries creating certain consumer products and to help make those industries better. This information is for education and is not legal advice.