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What benefits will I get under workers’ compensation?

If you need to file for workers’ compensation in Georgia, then you probably want to know what benefits you could receive. There are several different categories of benefits you may receive including payment for medical treatment and lost wages.

According to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, you can get payment for lost wages if you miss more than seven days of work due to your work injury. You are not paid for your first week off work unless you miss more than 21 days. All days missed must be consecutive to qualify. You can get benefits for up to 400 weeks. If you can go back to work but must work a lower paying job due to the injury, you may get a reduced amount of pay for up to 350 weeks.

You can also get payment for all medical care related to your injury as long as it is authorized. It is up to you to ensure any treatment you receive is authorized. In addition to direct bills for treatment and medical care, you may also qualify for payments for any transportation costs related to getting medical care, prescriptions and any therapy you may receive. You can get payments for approved medical treatments for up to 400 weeks after the date of the incident. You may get lifetime benefits if your injury is deemed to be catastrophic in nature.

Other benefits or an extension of benefits may be possible depending on your situation and the injury. This information is for education and is not legal advice.