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How to file for workers’ compensation in Georgia

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that employers are required by the state of Georgia to participate in. This program provides workers with medical and lost wage coverage if they are injured on the job. However, workers must properly report an injury or they could be denied coverage. notes waiting to file a workers’ compensation claim could cause a worker to be denied any benefits. Injuries should be reported as soon as they occur to a supervisor. Some injuries are eligible for benefits up to 400 weeks. Typically, if a person is out of work for at least seven days, he or she can get benefits equal to two-thirds of the regular pay or up to $575 each week. To get any benefits, though, a person must file a Form WC-14.

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation explains the Form WC-14 is provided by them or a worker may get it on the SBWC website. This form must be filled out and sent to the employer and the employer’s insurer. If a person needs assistance filling out the form, he or she can contact the Claims Assistance Department at the SBWC. If a filer does not know his or her employer’s insurance information, the Coverage Desk can offer assistance for that.

Following all the directions and meeting deadlines is essential to the process of filing for workers’ compensation. Missing a deadline could void all chances of receiving benefits. Workers are encouraged to contact the SBWC with any questions about the process to avoid such issues.