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How can I avoid having my wages garnished?

If you are getting ready to have your wages garnished in Rossville, chances are you have been struggling with your financial situation for a while. Your income is no longer enough to support you and allow you to pay off your debts. As a result, your creditors are no longer willing to wait to receive payments and are taking you to court. According to NerdWallet, in 2013, 13 million employees had their wages garnished. It is a very common problem that affects many people across the country. 

You may feel as if there is nothing you can do to put an end to this financial nightmare. However, it is possible for you to stop your creditors from garnishing your wages. Here is a brief overview of your options. 

Stop dodging your creditors 

You may not have enough money to afford the payments you owe. But if you continue to dodge your creditors when they try to contact you, you make the situation more challenging to resolve. Keep in mind creditors usually resort to wage garnishment when they have exhausted all other means of securing payment. Contact your creditors and let them know you are not able to afford the payment amounts. Ask them if they can work with you and lower them to something that is more manageable. 

Do not ignore the summons 

If you cannot afford to pay what your creditors claim you owe, show up in court and explain your situation to the judge. Be prepared to show proof that your debts are causing you extenuating financial hardship. The courts may allow you to settle your debts for less or rule against the garnishment if they determine it will cause you further financial hardship. 

File for bankruptcy 

If you do not have any or enough extra money to put towards your debts so you can pay them off within five years, you might want to consider bankruptcy. Once you file, your creditors must stop all attempts to collect from you and can only contact you through your attorney. 

Bankruptcy can have a significant impact on your finances and credit. It can also make it easier for you to protect your paycheck, get out of debt and get your finances under control.