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Car accidents can cause chronic pain

At Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we see many people who suffer from constant pain after being car accidents. Crash victims tend to experience chronic pain in their necks, backs and upper and lower extremities. Many people who have chronic pain are unable to work in the capacity they were able to before their accidents and support themselves. It is not uncommon for victims to require long-term medical care and therapy. 

According to The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 25.3 million people suffer from chronic pain in the country. Many of those individuals were in motor vehicle collisions. Car accidents are not the only source of chronic pain, but it is a leading one. Many individuals who live with persistent pain find they are unable to live normal lives. Their quality and standard of life suffers. Many people have trouble sleeping and lower energy levels. Some car accident victims become so distressed by their pain that they develop depression, anxiety, elevated stress levels, eating disorders and have trouble focusing. They also have extenuating financial circumstances because of medical and accident-related expenses.

People who end up with chronic pain after car accidents should inform their physicians. They should not suffer in silence, rely on over-the-counter medications and assume their conditions will improve on their own. They should not let the cost of medical care and treatment derail them from taking the right steps towards recovery. Car accident victims who end up persistent and ongoing pain can seek compensation for their injuries and medical expenses. To learn more about the matter, please visit our web page.