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Sharing the Road with Heavy Trucks

Sharing the Road with Heavy Trucks

Unfortunately, collisions with tractor trailers are common and often result in injuries or
death. Although it can be nerve-wracking to share the road with heavy trucks, there are some
basic safety tips you can follow when driving alongside tractor trailers.

Be patient when passing heavy vehicles. Since it may require more distance to safely pass a
truck, motorists are advised to be patient and give themselves plenty of room and time when

Give large trucks a wide berth. Trailers can sometimes swing across the lanes in traffic, so it is smart to be aware of this possibility.

Avoid tailgating. Due to the size difference between these large vehicles and other cars, trucks, and SUVs, the smaller vehicles may easily slide under heavy trucks if they are stuck from
behind or are otherwise unable to stop in time to avoid colliding.

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