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Car accidents are on the rise in Georgia

It is no secret that driving is the most dangerous form of travel over other options, such as travel by rail or air. This is especially true in Georgia where accident rates have been on an upward climb for some time. According to WMAZ, four people died each day from 2014-2016 in car accidents. That was a 33 percent rise in fatalities over previous years. 

The state is above the average for the nation, which is concerning for officials. One likely cause is more people are driving while distracted. Whether it is cell phones or other things keeping people from paying attention behind the wheel, not paying attention when driving has been an increasing issue on the roadways.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that other roadway dangers include alcohol and speeding. These are not new problems. People have been getting behind the wheel drunk and driving in excess of the speed limit for decades. However, the fact that they are still issues and added to the new issues with distracted driving, makes roadways in the state unsafe. 

Another factor is that more people are on the roads than ever before. There are simply more people of driving age and more access to affordable fuel than in the past, which means crowded roads. When people are not paying attention or otherwise not obeying the law, it is a recipe for disaster.  

A solution is not easy to come by. Obviously, problems have been around for a long time and have not yet been solved, so solving additional issues will be a challenge. This information is for education and is not legal advice.