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How do I report an unsafe product?

If you buy a product in Georgia, it is reasonable to expect that product will not cause you harm when used as intended. However, there are times when products do cause injuries or illnesses. If you come across a defective or harmful product, you should report it. You can make a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The CPSC has available on its website a report of harm, which is a report that lets you explain what happened and how a product caused you harm. You will provide quite a bit of information to allow the CPSC to make a complete investigation. You should give information about the product, including label information and details on the manufacturer. Including photographs of the product is encouraged. You will need to provide information about when and where the incident happened and what harm was caused, along with contact information for yourself.

Anyone can submit a report. You can do it, your medical provider can do it or an agency can do it. The important thing is that a report is made so the CPSC can be made aware of a potentially harmful product on the market. This allows it to do an investigation and release information to the public, if needed, to help prevent further issues with those using the product.

While the CPSC will not likely respond directly to you about the findings of the report, if the allegations are found to be true and accurate, the report will be published in an online database. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.