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Providing Options For Those Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents

A large portion of our practice at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., concerns helping individuals throughout Northwest Georgia injured in motor vehicle accidents. Our Rossville accident attorneys know how to investigate such matters and hold negligent and reckless drivers accountable.

Dealing With Your Injuries After Being Involved In An Accident

Those clients coming to us following a motor vehicle accident often have a large number of concerns. A car accident or motorcycle wreck often results in you missing work and getting behind on the bills, and leaves you consumed with worries about how to take care of the children. While insurance companies may quickly offer you a settlement, the amount of the offer often is far less than adequate.

The injuries resulting from vehicle accidents often are extremely severe. Injuries to the neck, back or head in many instances are long-lasting and even permanent. Without having previous experience in dealing with such matters, calculating the costs of a lifetime of medical care and other services is close to impossible.

From the moment you first come to our office until your case is resolved, you will be communicating directly with our personal injury attorneys. The guidance our attorneys provide is invaluable. They understand the consequences that such injuries have toward you and your family. By working with you and learning about your personal circumstances, they understand the sort of compensation required to meet all of your needs.

We take away the burden from you of having to deal with the insurance companies. Our lawyers know how to negotiate and how to try cases in court. Our lawyers gather evidence on your behalf and work toward resolving your case through settlement or at trial.

How To Reach Harriss And Hartman Law Firm, P.C.

Our law firm is located in Rossville, Georgia, and frequently caters to clients in Fort Oglethorpe, Walker County and Catoosa County. Contact our firm by calling 706-406-1649. Our attorneys offer free initial consultations and will charge no fee without a recovery for you.