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Man claims his mother's death was preventable

When people in Georiga lose a loved one, they often experience strong emotions as they grieve and learn to cope with an unexpected loss. However, this process becomes increasingly traumatic for people whose loved one passed away in conditions that were the result of another person's carelessness, recklessness or general disregard to another person's safety and comfort. 

Henry County freeway collision caused by wrong-way driver

Many in Rossville may believe that their driving skills will ensure their ability to avoid auto accidents. However, what people cannot account for on the road are the potential reckless and negligent actions of others. Those who choose to engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel may not only put themselves at risk, but also countless others. All too often, the degree of carelessness displayed by reckless drivers of results in catastrophic collision which produce damages and injuries that cannot be easily compensated for. 

Young and old can suffer slip-and-fall accidents

You may think that only elderly people need concern themselves about slipping and falling. However, we at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm have been representing fall victims in Georgia since 1972. Therefore, we know that injury from a fall can occur regardless of age, from the elderly to young children.

How do I keep my kids safe when walking to school?

It is big responsibility for a child to walk to and from school every day in Georgia. When your child gets to the age where you feel he or she can do it alone, you may still have worries about safety. There are some things you can do to prepare your child and to ensure he or she is ready for such a big step.

Are hands free cellphones really safe?

In Georgia and in many other states in the nation, it is illegal for you to use a hand-held cellphone while driving, according to the National Conference of State Legislators. As a result, you may turn to using hands free cellphones in an attempt to stay in compliance with the law. Although hands free cellphones are marketed as a safe alternative to hand-held devices, they may not be as safe to use as you might think.

How can I keep my pool area safe?

As summer rolls into Georgia, you may start thinking about getting your backyard pool ready for the season. Having a cool, wet place to go when the temperature rises is a welcome relief. However, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure that your pool is a safe place. You have to not only watch out for the people you invite to swim but also you have to be sure to keep people you do not invite to swim safe, such as little children who may wander into the pool area.

How does the FDA keep us safe?

The government has many regulations on industries that supply products to consumers. These regulations are important to keeping you and your family safe. While Georgia has agencies that provide consumer protection, the federal agencies are those you probably have heard of the most. One such agency is the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, which is the agency responsible for monitoring and managing the safety of food products

Car accidents are on the rise in Georgia

It is no secret that driving is the most dangerous form of travel over other options, such as travel by rail or air. This is especially true in Georgia where accident rates have been on an upward climb for some time. According to WMAZ, four people died each day from 2014-2016 in car accidents. That was a 33 percent rise in fatalities over previous years. 

Ways you can prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace

If you are involved in the management of your company, you may be well aware that the safety and well-being of your employees is a serious priority. Your employees play an integral role in facilitating your organization's success and fulfilling the needs of your customers. As such, it is imperative that you maintain an environment where your employees can complete their obligations safely and effectively. At Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we have helped many people in Georgia cope with personal injury claims.

Human behavior is a major contributor to car accidents

When it comes to car accidents in Rossville, many people do not realize they, themselves are often the first and last line of defense in prevention. Many of the incidents on the roads do not happen because of vehicle defects, bad road conditions and malfunctioning traffic lights. They occur because of motorists. According to, human error plays a role in nearly 94 percent of car accidents.