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Social Security Disability Archives

Can having a hobby reduce your feelings of depression?

If you are feeling depressed and like your life is rather bleak and hopeless, you may be seeking ways to cope with your feelings and emotions without turning to mechanisms that are damaging. Having an idea about the types of activities that you can participate in that may reduce your anxiety and depression in Georgia may benefit you as you work to overcome your depression with tenacity and hope for your future. 

Depression as a qualifying illness for SSD

According to the Disability Care Center, more than three million people receive a depression diagnosis each year, making it one the most commonly diagnosed disorders in Georgia and the United States. Depression takes many forms, including manic depression, dysthymia and major depressive disorder, all of which have both mental and physical symptoms. Mental symptoms may include gloominess, hopelessness and disinterest. Physical symptoms may include difficulty concentrating, decreased energy levels, loss of appetite and insomnia. Both physical and mental symptoms can make it difficult for an individual to do his or her job, which is why the Social Security Administration may extend benefits in more extreme cases.

What to know about substantial gainful activity

The great benefit of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is that it helps disabled Georgia residents who cannot earn a substantial income due to their disability. However, some people who are disabled may still earn some working income, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) is careful about not letting your income level go too high if you are on disability. This is why you should know about what the SSA calls substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Will I still receive disability benefits during the shutdown?

With the federal government shutdown extending into the longest shutdown in American history, Georgia residents who receive Social Security Disability may wonder if the ongoing deadlock in Washington will interfere with their ability to receive benefits. While the shutdown has caused some agencies to place government employees on furlough and limit services, the good news is that the Social Security Administration has not been adversely impacted.

Who does the SSA consider an acceptable medical source?

Presenting credible medical information that proves you are disabled can make the difference in gaining approval for Social Security Disability. One of the things you can expect the Social Security Administration (SSA) to look at are the qualifications of the Georgia medical professional who has diagnosed you. If your doctor does not possess the right credentials, your claim could be denied.

Admitting you need help caring for someone

We know that nobody wants to think of loved ones as a burden. Here at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we know that our clients' families are a source of joy and fulfillment, regardless of the level of challenge involved in caregiving. That is why we are always proud to help people navigate the complex and frustrating process of obtaining social security disability in Georgia.

Can you get benefits if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol?

It is a common myth that Social Security pays benefits to those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs on the simple basis that they are addicted. You may have heard people in Georgia or on social media complaining about people being able to get benefits just because they have an addiction. However, this is not true. The Social Security Administration explains that you cannot get benefits just because you have an alcohol or drug addiction. You actually must meet specific criteria to qualify to get benefits.

How are the types of social security benefits different?

There are many different groups of people who collect social security benefits in Georgia. This program is designed to help all workers and their families. Social Security for disability is just one type. When applying for benefits, you need to understand which type you should apply for or it could affect your ability to get your application approved.