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Which benefits from the SSA are right for you?

Your family depends on you to support them, and you need income to pay for necessary things, including everything from daily requirements to medical bills. Finding yourself unable to work because of a medical condition is not only discouraging and frustrating – it is a threat to your financial stability and future well-being. In this situation, you may be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration.

The SSA offers two different types of benefits for individuals who are unable to support themselves through gainful employment. You may be eligible for these benefits if you are currently unable to work because of a physical injury, medical condition or mental illness. It may be worthwhile for you to explore your options and determine the right option for you.

Two types of disability benefits

There are two main types of disability benefits available to applicants. Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income. The right one for you and the one for which you are eligible depends on your financial capabilities, work history and more.

Applying for either type of disability benefits is a lengthy and often frustrating process. It can be helpful for people who are considering this step to know what to expect and know which option is right for them in order to avoid conflicts. It may help you know the following about the two different types of disability benefits:

  • SSDI – Payment of these benefits comes from payroll taxes, so in order to qualify for SSDI, you must have a certain work history. You must also have a disability expected to last for at least one year or until your death. The amount you can get depends on your earnings record.
  • SSI – These benefits do not depend on your work history. They are available to people age 65 and up, children who are blind and adults with disabilities. The amount you can get depends on your income, assets and financial resources. 

Many potential applicants find it helpful to seek a complete evaluation of their case in order to learn more about things such as waiting periods, eligibility requirements and the right documentation needed for an application.

The application process can take a long time, and many initial applications come back denied. You may find significant benefits in working with a Georgia attorney who has your best interests in mind and will guide you through every step, including a reconsideration or appeal.