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Admitting you need help caring for someone

We know that nobody wants to think of loved ones as a burden. Here at Harriss and Hartman Law Firm, P.C., we know that our clients’ families are a source of joy and fulfillment, regardless of the level of challenge involved in caregiving. That is why we are always proud to help people navigate the complex and frustrating process of obtaining social security disability in Georgia.

There are several common impediments to a typical SSD application, one of the main challenges being the individual nature of each of our clients’ situations. We have several tools and practices we use to address these issues and put our clients on the path towards the approval of their benefits.

Beyond improperly prepared forms, one of the biggest reasons that the Social Security Administration might deny your application for benefits is that your doctor does not fully understand your loved one’s condition. To that end, we established a close network of local medical professionals who have the ability to accurately and succinctly diagnose and describe various disability-causing maladies. 

We have seen many different types of families come to our office to talk about getting social security benefits:

  • Couples over 65 years old
  • Young families with disabled children
  • Adult children with aging parents

We believe you deserve an opportunity to obtain benefits you need to care for your loved ones. Do not let the complicated SSD system application system stop you. These benefits could potentially help you provide essential support to those you care about, make ends meet and even keep your whole family together. Please read more on our legal website for further information.