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How do I convince the SSA that I am disabled?

A major step for Georgia residents in applying for Social Security disability benefits is convincing the Social Security Adminstration (SSA) that they are disabled. However, sometimes the SSA will not be immediately convinced by the medical records that you send them. In this case, the SSA may request additional examinations to establish your disability.

First, the Social Security Administration’s website recommends that you go back to the original health care provider that examined you. This is the simplest and easiest option for many people. However, there may be conditions that invalidate using your original health care provider. For one thing, your provider may not want to examine you. You also might not want to use the initial provider for a certain reason. For instance, you may believe that the provider is not equipped to provide the examination you want, or you have problems with the productivity of your provider.

Additionally, there may be inconsistencies within your file that the SSA wants resolved. However, going back to your original provider may not resolve these conflicts. In this case, you would be better served by going to a different examination site that does not have a prior history of examining and/or treating you.

The kinds of tests the SSA wants to prove your disability may vary. Sometimes a supplementary test is all that is needed, like an X-ray or an EKG. These simple tests may be no problem for your original provider. If these tests are adequate to convince the SSA of your claim, they will not ask for a more comprehensive exam. However, if you do need a more in-depth examination, you may need to find a different provider if your original one cannot handle the task.

This article is intended to educate readers on Social Security disability benefits and is not to be taken as legal advice.