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What mistakes should I avoid when applying for SSDI?

If you have a disability due to a work accident or some other reason in the Rossville area, you might be thinking about filing for social security disability benefits. The application process for SSDI is not an easy one. Approval is not guaranteed, and there is the possibility of your claim being denied. According to The Motley Fool, one-third of SSDI claims filed in 2017 were denied. 

There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration denies SSDI applications. Not all of them are due to ineligibility. To reduce the chances of your claim being delayed or denied, consider the following mistakes to avoid with your application. 

Incomplete application 

If you rush and do not review your claim’s requirements, you could end up omitting important information that it needs for approval. Before you fill out anything, carefully review the application to ensure you understand it. Be sure you answer each question completely and truthfully. 

Missing documents 

It is important for you to provide the necessary paperwork with your claim. If you have trouble getting medical records or other pertinent documents for your claim, you might want to explain your situation to an SSDI attorney or advocate. They can help you get those documents and review your application to ensure that it does not contain any errors. 

You might feel stressed and confused about the application process. Those feelings are normal. Stay calm and stay on task. Research the SSDI claims process, so you can take measures to minimize potential issues that might interfere with your ability to receive benefits.