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Can you get Social Security Disability for depression?

Social Security disability benefits are notorious for being difficult to get. This is due to the strict guidelines that must be followed to approve a claim. You must provide all the required information and follow all the right steps or your claim will be denied. You must also have a qualifying condition. According to the Social Security Administration, depression is a qualifying condition in some cases.

It is important to note that you must prove you cannot work and that your depression is a long-term debilitating condition. Depression is categorized under depressive, bipolar and related disorders. You must provide the SSA with medical documentation that you have at least five specific symptoms the SSA requires for proof that you have depression. These symptoms include trouble concentrating, appetite and weight changes, lowered energy levels, lack of interest in activities, mood changes, sleep troubles, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, suicidal thoughts and psychomotor issues. You must also have documented proof that you have trouble with concentrating, adapting or managing yourself, interacting with others or understanding, remembering or applying information or you must have proof your condition is serious and persistent as defined by the SSA.

Any evidence provided must be from a licensed medical professional. In addition, you may provide evidence from family members or others who are close to you that can document their observations of how having depression affects you and your abilities to function on a daily basis. If you attend school, professionals at the school may also submit evidence on your behalf. The SSA must have some evidence of how you are affected on a daily basis because it must have proof that you cannot work because of your depression. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.